Lewis Communications Stands Apart

Lewis Communications

Exclusive in the field

Lewis Communications was established to fill a need for our clients in the business of professional motion picture, broadcasting and still photography technology and other services worldwide.

Family ties

Each Lewis staff member has deep industry ties--beyond PR. Having Hollywood in our backyard comes in handy when it is time to test market a product, get a quick answer or produce a quick user story or photo.

Industry respect

In a world where promises are often empty, we have a proven track record of doing what we say. Teaming with Lewis can add credibility to your PR efforts. With Lewis you have access to valuable industry insights to move forward. You have legs to stand on.

Friends in high places

When you have been around as long as we have you meet a few folks along the way. Lewis Communications has great contacts with owners of rental houses, union and organization presidents, top cinematographers, publishers, bloggers, etc. So if we recommend a product to a user, they are usually happy to try it or give us honest feedback. If a news release or story suggestion comes from us, the trade press knows it’s worth considering.


The trade press respects our track record of follow-through and our association with only top industry brands. They know a call to Lewis will get instant results and they can trust what they get.

Favorable client mix

Lewis Communications is a small boutique agency with a tight focus on the production industry and related fields.