Strategic Communications

At Lewis we employ our knowledge and contacts in the industry to provide maximum product exposure, placing editorial and news stories in professional publications, online and arranging high visibility at trade shows. Based on the objectives, strategy and tactics outlined for each brand we represent, we engage with the following to address the communication needs of each product’s potential customer.

  • Trade publication editors and writers
  • Broadcast market influencers and end-users
  • Cinema market influencers and end-users
  • Pro-videographer influencers and end-users
  • New Media influencers like those producing for YouTube, and Netflix
  • Collaborate with other industry manufacturers and companies
  • Content creation
Our Press Portal

100% of our effort goes into promoting our clients. If you visit our press portal you’ll find that vital industry press have access to our clients’ news and photos 24/7. And they use it. Since we launched the site in 2012, we’ve received constant kudos from busy press and more.

Lewis Communications About Us